– Water Silhouettes

Un film de Violeta Paus (2020, 30′, Chile)


Drought, industrial pollution in regions known as “sacrifice zones” and massive residual waste are the biggest fresh water conflicts in Chilean territory in recent decades.An analogy between women and the territory shows how through the water conflict, capitalist / extractivist models produce inequality and injustice.


« DOK.LEIPZIG » (Alemania, 2020)

« SUELTA EL AGUA FEST (Greenpeace)» (Chile, 2020)

« ARICA NATIVA » (Chile 2020)

« SIGNES DA NOITE » (Portugal, 2020)

« FEMCINE » (Chile, 2021)

« SEGNI DELLA NOTTE » (Italia, 2021)

« BIOBIO CINE » (Chile, 2021)


“EL DIA MÁS CORTO” (Chile, 2021)


Mercado internacional: « IDFA » (Holanda,2020); 

Ciclos: Marzo feminista de Centro Arte Alameda (Chile, 2021), 

– City Plaza Hotel

Un film de Anna-Paula Hönig and Violeta Paus

Docu/fiction (2019, 14′, France)

Production: TRIADE FILMS


A state of uncertainty surrounds the City Plaza Hotel. Refugees have begun to occupy this building in Athens. Living among them with her family is eleven-year-old Zhenos, whose dreams of a faraway home are eclipsed by dark memories.



​69th Berlin International Film Festival (Allemagne – février 2019) – Generation Kplus competition

Festival du court-métrage de Clermont-Ferrand (France – février 2019) – compétition nationale

Festival cinéma en liberté 8 (juin 19) – Grand Prix

23ème édition de notre festival PriMed – le Festival de la Méditerranée en images (nov 19)

IndieCork Festival, (Ireland – October 19)

International film festival of Rotterdam (janvier 2020)

Carrousel international du film de Rimouski (2020, Canada)

Partie de Campagne (juillet 19)

9ème édition du Festival Ciné Poème (Bezon, mars 2020)

Oregon Documentary Film Festival (Etats-Unis – Mars 2019)

Mo&Friese competition (Allemagne – juin 19)

Leiden International Short Film Experience (Danemark -mai 2019)

Mo&Fries Kinder Kurzfilm Festival in Hambourg

Pyeongchang International Peace Film Festival (aout 19)

Doks ! dokumentarfilme für kinder und jugendliche (Allemagne novembre 19)

Dumbo Film Festival (19)

FRONTDOC 2019 – International Documentary Film Festival, (Aosta, Italy, November 2019)

2nd KIFFI-JAIPUR (December 2019, Jaipur, India)

Kaaryat International Film Festival of India


Torino Short Film Market (22-25/11/2018) – Italie

Rencontres Lycéennes de Vidéo de Bagnères de Bigorre

Forum des images (28 mai 19)

C’est pas la taille qui compte (juin 19)

– Ajawaska, Fragments of a Journey to the Heights

Un film de Violeta Paus

Film documentary (2014, 62′, Peru-Argentina)


A documentary about three women  friends, an Argentine, a Chilean, and a Bolivian on their journey through the neighboring yet foreign country of Peru.  A trip inebriating in its discovery of chicha, an ancestral alcoholic beverage made from fermented corn, and the “chicherías” and the “mamacha” Guillermina, a custodian of the ancient chicha tradition


– Horneros (cinematography)

Short film documentary (2010, Argentina)


At the village of Cucullu, in the province of Buenos Aires, pottery activity marks the daily life of a woman and her family.