Ajawaska, Fragments of a Journey to the Heights

Film documentary



A documentary about three women  friends, an Argentine, a Chilean, and a Bolivian on their journey through the neighboring yet foreign country of Peru.  A trip inebriating in its discovery of chicha, an ancestral alcoholic beverage made from fermented corn, and the “chicherías” and the “mamacha” Guillermina, a custodian of the ancient chicha tradition


Project details
Original title: AJAWASKA, Fragmentos de un viaje a las alturas
International title: Ajawaska, Fragments of a Journey to the Heights
Website: http://www.facebook.com/AjawaskaDocumental
Country of production: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia
Month/year of completion: June 2014
Director Violeta Paus Soto
Original language(s): Spanish


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